Together we are stronger!


Our focus is product quality and customer satisfaction, as well as the optimal medical care of patients.

To ensure smooth processes throughout the sourcing and supply chain, we work exclusively with specialized companies in the pharmaceutical sector.

That's why we chose the strongest partners in this field.


Bundesverband der pharmazeutischen Cannabinoidunternehmen e. V. (BPC)
GECA Pharma is a founding member of "Bundesverband pharmazeutischer Cannabinoidunternehmen",

The common goal is to create optimal conditions for the supply of cannabis-containing drugs in order to significantly improve the quality of life of patients. The aim of the BPC is therefore the security of supply for patients with quality-assured medical cannabis.

We are pleased to announce that we support the work and effort of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines as a member.
Worldwide first GMP-certified producer of medical cannabis
Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry e.V.

GECA Pharma is a member of the BPI and is committed to active dialogue among all health care stakeholders. The BPI pools the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. The association represents around 270 companies and their more than 78,000 employees.